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The Book

This book is to help others get on a path to amazing opportunities and unexpected rewards by seeing and responding through a new lens.

A Surprising Journey

People who have heard other life-changing stories have encouraged me to share mine because WHAT happened and the WAY it happened could be helpful.

How It Works In Everyday Life

The many stories speak for themselves … it works!  The unexpected opportunities and rewards reveal a very personalized nature to the journey. Many situations unfolded that related to other life experiences.

In every case, I had no idea something was about to happen until I responded in the new way. It was like you hear a knock on the door, open it, and hear, “Surprise!” It makes for an exciting adventure because you never know what or when something is going to happen. They seem to almost always occur when you are not expecting it.

Jewels – Keys To Unlock Your Treasures

It’s all about having a door open inside you, and when you make a genuine heart response, power is released which can transform situations. It is not necessarily about doing this or saying that, but rather that something can come from within. In every story, I share what was going on inside me that led to my actions.

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