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An associate once asked me:

“How come things happen to you that don’t happen to us?”

The answers are what the book is all about.
- Stephen Walker, Author

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Saturday, July 29th, 12 - 4 PM

1315 N. Milwaukee Street

What’s It All About?

Great question! I thought I was THERE living a carefree country-club lifestyle at home in Long Island with no job or accountability. Then came a search and rescue mission plane trip during the Congo revolutions. I faced imminent death four times, and a girl I sent on the other plane died. Back in the States, there were two more knocks on death’s door. Every time it looked hopeless, something incredible happened!

Add to that numerous illnesses (one was considered for life), surgeries, and nine years of deep despair to the point that a doctor’s report said, “Stephen could self-destruct at any moment.”

Then something totally unexpected happened that I didn’t know existed, and everything changed in an instant, including ALL my illnesses were gone!

It was such a dramatic shock that I said, “No, no, it can’t be that!” My next thought was, WOW, this is for everyone! I could never have imagined that such an exciting journey would follow, and then almost 50 years later, a book.


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How Can It Impact Your Life?

People have experiences. The way mine happened was so clear and answered a lot of questions for me. It has to work in all areas of everyday life, right? I found out it worked in ALL areas of everyday life, and I know it can do the same for you. It’s real!

There are many stories of things that happened to me as well as others around me in various jobs and careers, marriage, friendships, safety and protection, life challenges, crossing cultural barriers, etc.  They all demonstrate how so many surprises and unexpected rewards can come by seeing and responding through a new lens. There are many jewels not found elsewhere to give you the keys to unlock your own stories and hidden treasures. They may provide some smiles and wows, but more importantly, help you discover how to make them work for you. 

It is a personalized journey, and things may unfold that you could not have planned or imagined. You are a unique individual with special gifts and talents that were given to benefit you and impact others. That means no matter what position you are in, or whether you think you are good or worthy enough, your life can change dramatically, and it can count! And if things are going well, there is always room to expand. If you read this book, you will know those aren’t just nice words but rather very real!

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